Why I Write: Becca Hawk

You've read it before; you have to in order to become one of us, right? Lorrie Moore's "How to become a writer"? She starts: "First, try to be something, anything else."

I write because I've tried everything else. Okay, maybe not everything, but a slew of things. I've tried ballerina; I've tried doting girlfriend; I've tried art teacher; I've tried sorority girl; I've tried graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter, transcriptionist, amusement park attendant, really desperate-for-cash daughter. 

I write because nothing else worked. Nothing else both eased and inspired my mind like when I pick up the pen (and yes, I do still try to write majority of my work by hand).

I suppose I should've known. I suppose the crate of journals from third grade and on and the fact that even as a ballet-brained kid, a mopey tween, a socialite young adult I dedicated time to the pages of those journals — the pages that spell out even the tritest experiences of my life — should have been a good indicator that writing worked for me. Works for me. 

Why do I write? Because the thing that makes me something — not just trying to be something, Lorrie, but actually being something — is the pen to the page.

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Becca Hawk

About Becca Hawk

Becca Hawk is a writer and illustrator based out of Michigan and Arkansas (yes, both). Her work can most recently be found in Cahoodaloodaling, Juked (web), and Festival Writer. More at beccahawk.com.