“Unidentified Flying Objects”

One winter night, a long time ago, a bright light was seen up in the foothills, darting back and forth just above the tree-line for hours, leaving streaks of silver swinging across the night-sky. Finally, at around midnight, it fell from the sky and was soon extinguished among the darkened hills. My brother told me it crashed-landed on the other side of the river, said there were probably alien bones now buried, hidden deep in the redwood canyons. One summer we followed the creek up into the mountains, five or so miles, then cut away into the fields. We waded across the river. We searched the riverbanks. We searched the ravines, found nothing.

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So you get in your car and immediately it pricks you asleep, its tentacles of seatbelts entangling you. There are
2012-04-08 17:33:34


“Margaret Atwood in Paradise”

In paradise, they are forever putting on makeup and sweating out of it. You can tell time by the number of times
2019-07-17 10:44:12


“Story Dissection”

Here’s all that is needed to dissect the story: Thematic Elements 1) The man loves his wife, as in t
2019-07-10 09:35:19


“The Funkmeister”

If you happen to meet my co-worker Maxwell Benz—unlikely—and the conversation turns to music, be prepared for your op
2019-06-26 09:34:49


The Story Behind the Story: “Weehawken”

Just a few months after graduating from college, I moved to New York City with three other friends. Or, well, more
2019-06-17 09:29:39


“Cold Shoulder”

He was still her living, breathing husband until that evening, when he came home late for the third time in a week,
2019-06-10 10:00:35


“The Dancer”

She had practiced the dance just once, and only then in the smallest of spaces, behind the basement stairwell where
2019-06-07 07:57:42


“Two Flash Pieces”

Linger The alien at the foot of my bed
2019-06-05 09:21:27



The bluebird perched on the fence facing the neighbors’ bedroom window. Ann relaxed, drinking her morning tea, w
2019-05-29 09:20:14



We get high on the nectar of eternity.  We laugh with deep pleasure when our beloved gods, horny men, take us to bed
2019-05-25 11:12:27


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Reid Maruyama was born in Santa Cruz, CA. He currently lives in Albuquerque, NM. He lives with his dog, Charley.