The Story Behind the Story: “(there’s no telling what . . . )”

The wish to study physics with Boltzmann in Vienna brought me to Germany. You can imagine my upset when I learned that Boltzmann was long dead, Vienna lay in Austria, and that physics has everything to do with the female body, but not really. Dispossessed of my dreams (one image still haunts me: did that comely neolithic woman, when she slit open her special other’s dead belly, believe that an eyeless earless coiled snake lived at her center as well?), a Bahnstreik forced me from bed in Hof with a huge Wobbly Union hangover. (If the eyes are the windows to the soul, Visine is its Windex.) This mad dash is a flash fiction attempt to fill in my Filmriß. (The answer to Finn’s question at the end is of course the first line: »I didn’t have much else to do, so I tailed me.«) (It’s a tool of literature I call at the prison writing seminars I operate in my head: »Fugitive vagina.« )

About Eldon (Craig) Reishus

Eldon (Craig) Reishus lives beneath the Alps outside Munich (Landkreis Bad Tölz - Wolfratshausen). He’s an old school Exquisite Corpse contributor with recent work featured or forthcoming at such venues as Am Erker, B O D Y, Sein und Werden, Literary Bohemian, Word Riot, decomP, AGNIonline and New World Writing. A German-English translator and an all-around web and print media pro, he originates from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Visit him:

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