The Story Behind the Story: ‘In Your Honor’

This story started off as a poem. It as about a tree our neighbors planted in honor of my father after he died. When I found it again after some years I thought it would make a good story and immediately it became a piece about someone else. Poetry is very personal, which is probably why I rarely write it anymore. While The beauty about writing stories is the ability to escape in them and write about other people.

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“In Your Honor”

We planted a tree in your honor on the curve of the narrow road.  A seagull cried on his journey to the sea and in
2017-06-01 11:59:56


“Two Strikes”

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Dear Subscribers: It’s been three years since the last “Gaming with Rosa” video went up on the channel. Thoug
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“Human Noise”

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“Been Ingenious”

People called Ricky ingenious whether they thought it true or not. Most folks choose to remain blithely ignorant to
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“Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?”

The life of an author can be peculiar. Certain experiences ought to be grand events accompanied by trumpets and
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“One Thousand Words”

“When I return to Alaska,” Casey says, “I don’t want to forget this view.” “Take a picture then,” I say, not t
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“The Secret Musicians Know That Can Help Writers”

I am grateful that I came to writing after years spent as a practicing musician, where I learned perspectives that
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Author Interview Series: Tara Masih

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“A Change of Course”

What do you want to be when you grow up?  It is a question that we get asked almost as soon as we can speak.  W
2018-08-15 19:12:51


Lorna Brown

About Lorna Brown

Lorna Brown’s stories have appeared in several magazines such as Eunoia Review, Litro, The Capra Review, Congruent Spaces and more are due out soon. She grew up in Ireland, but lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three daughters and their dog.