The Story Behind the Story: “Ablution”

Where does romance end and abuse begin? What baser forces come into play when men are attracted to women and vice versa? These are some of the questions stirring through my mind at the time I began working on this story. Perhaps the recent news about sexual abuse served as a catalyst. I do know that the challenge of capturing the psycho-dynamics underlying sexual attraction is what compels me to write stories. Flash stories, I’ve discovered, are an ideal medium for capturing these irrational impulses in their enigmatic essence.

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I’d spent the last hour at work heaving fifty-pound sacks of flour from the truck onto pallets, which ought to
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“A Time for Fantasy”

When I was ten, my bedtime stories were Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The prose was far beyond
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It’s hard to say when we realized our son had monkeyshines. My wife always claims she was the first to notice, and I
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“On Writing”

Writing, for
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“The Gathering Before the Storm”

Against her better judgment, Gladys takes a moment to notice that the sky looks deceptively banal through the
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“But Why?”

One forthcoming novel. Two in-print poetry collections. A slew of online and print publications. A full-time
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“On the Duty of Writers”

It isn’t much. One might say, as Faulkner claimed, that we have a duty to unearth the truths of the human h
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The Daily Comics: an Essay in Frames

 Monday i. When I see my son drawing,
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Why I Write: Meghan McNamara

I’d like to say it’s complicated, but it’s not: I write because I have to—the sensation, a kind of electric pulse, dr
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Why I Write: Jim Powell

I’m writing this essay eleven days out of an eleven-day hospital stay with a COPD exacerbation, the third stark r
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Fred White's fiction, poetry, and humor have appeared in many periodicals, most recently in Analog, Beautiful Losers, Clockwise Cat, Every Day Fiction,Gemini, Limestone Review, and No Extra Words. His most recent book is The Writer's Idea Thesaurus. A professor of English, Emeritus, at Santa Clara University, he lives near Sacramento, CA, with his wife, Therese (an attorney), and two hyperactive cats.