Rodney’s teeth fell out one by one and every morning he woke up and found a dollar under his pillow. I looked back into his pink shaky throat under the porch light. Moths flew around his donkey face. He wanted me to reach in and yank out what I could. One came out soft as a jelly bean, maybe from the ice cream that his daddy brought for him and Mama. After Rodney had enough teeth dollars, he bought a dog. Lady died a week after he bought her. Her hair was soft and dusty. She got squished down flat with her black blood squeezed out into the gutter and her eyes popped and her tongue stuck out like she was happy. Rodney left her food out for a week, and then dared me to eat some. I did, and he laughed and Mama came in and laughed too, so I laughed. The dog food tasted like liver and sawdust, and I spat some out when I laughed. Mama stopped laughing and told me to eat it. She crossed her arms and said it again: eat that up.

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So how did I get here…well, okay, where do I start? The strippers. I’m going to start with the strippers. The
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It would have taken me a million years to kiss all her freckles. They were littered across her skin, poured on her
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I was standing in the returns line at Macy’s when a little girl, probably no older than four, pointed at me and said
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“Maternal Instinct”

Mostly I remember fragments. Flashes. The feel of my right shoe slipping, losing my foothold, my spine arching, then
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The Fire

The fire wasn’t the problem; the problem was that Brad was being unreasonable. When I suggested we turn back he said
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“The Laundromat”

“Because sunshine warmed the backyard during some holiday cookout,” I said. The lawn was an impossible
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Like millions of young readers over the past half-century, I was enchanted by the
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“Murder Ballad”

Granny Dee, breast cancer. Tisha, lung cancer. Uncle Rick, stomach cancer. Old Mr. Harlan, bone cancer. So many
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