The magician used flash powder to create explosions. He had the rig all set. With the press of a button, a remote device would emit an electric spark to ignite the black dust. When he was ready, and all the cues were there, doves would rise with his upraised arms. The powder would blow, and yellow flames would shoot ten feet in the air. He smiled and his heart rose when the curtain fell to reveal the fruit of his labor. He created the illusion that it would all last, that the moment of surprise and rapture could endure the trial of time. Once the curtain lay crumpled, revealing the nothingness it was hiding, the smiles would fade, eyes would readjust to the dark, and everyone would go home. But the magician new that the yellow burst would remain burned in their minds-eye, the shock of joy seared into their hearts, and tales of disappeared elephants would dance on their lips.

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“So Small a Spark”

It is not simply that the tree is going to snap its hinge and kill him.  There is such a rich history here.  The t
2019-05-08 11:00:13


“Want to Make Your Dialogue Sparkle?”

2016-02-18 06:01:18


“And They Were Sore Afraid”

At the time I was sure I was dying. My heart was erratic, my knees locked regularly,
2019-11-01 23:57:12


“Come and Gone”

I’ve got six hours of driving ahead of me, but I’m taking it easy with an iced coffee between my thighs. Cars rush by
2019-10-28 23:55:57


“Lazy Leonard’s Year-Round Fireworks and Tanning”

was, of course, open. When wasn’t this place ready to make a buck? After all, people might at any time need f
2019-10-18 23:52:46


“Fugue of the Sunbathers”

A little girl of maybe four or five. You can tell by her Spongebob one-piece bathing suit, her sassy mouth, her
2019-07-01 23:30:57


“Carve This Flesh From Off My Bones”

The woman stands at the edge of the firelight. We think of her as “the woman” now, si
2019-06-03 07:56:38



We get high on the nectar of eternity.  We laugh with deep pleasure when our beloved gods, horny men, take us to bed
2019-05-25 11:12:27


“A Jack Daniels kind of Bullet”

It would have taken me a million years to kiss all her freckles. They were littered across her skin, poured on her
2019-05-13 09:22:11


MéShelle Fae

Not all
2019-01-11 19:35:09


Hobie Anthony

About Hobie Anthony

Hobie Anthony writes prose, poetry, and prose poetry in Portland, OR. A native of the South, prodigal son to Chicago, and new NorthWesterner, he seeks to understand this America. He can be found or is forthcoming in such journals as Housefire, Crate, Prime Mincer, The Other Room, R.kv.r.y., Ampersand, NAP, [PANK], Birkensnake, Word Riot, Prime Number, and Connotation Press, among others. He puts his MFA to use writing experimental novels.