“Sharing a Smoke after Work”

Her red lipstick lips stretch like dilation when she smiles, their wideness between coughs a birthing of something he wishes to hold, to cradle and sing to—something that will spit and puke and leave stains. When they embrace, her ashes sprinkle the back of his coat, ashes he imagines are burning holes in the layers of his skin. He understands this burning as a gift, like the scarf from an ex he still wears every day. He is thankful for the burning, for the red marks now part of him, for the moments he stands downwind to internalize her smoky exhalations through his nose, holding them in his lungs until it’s time to inhale the next of her breaths.

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“Instant Gratification: Sharing Your Creative Work”

Whenever I successfully complete a story, poem or creative work, my first impulse is that of a high school gossip
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On Monday night I had trouble falling asleep. I attribute that to a combination of drinking coffee too late in the
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Why I Write: Allie Blum

My Motivations for Writing: A Letter to My Writing Workshop On Monday night I had trouble falling asleep. I
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“To Know”

Double-hung window, plantation shutters the color of ripe mangoes drawn open. On the street below: the new fire
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“Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?”

The life of an author can be peculiar. Certain experiences ought to be grand events accompanied by trumpets and
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When I was ten, my bedtime stories were Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The prose was far beyond
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I learned, further, that brain
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“A Little Louder, Please – For the Listeners in the Back”

On many a list of terrible fears, among the snakes, spiders, drowning accidents, and bees (in my case), one
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“The Limoges Vase

Amanda thought the Limoges vase should go to her. After all, it had been her wedding gift to Robert and Anise. She
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About Marlin Jenkins

Marlin M. Jenkins was born and raised in Detroit and graduated from Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. His writings have been given homes by Midwestern Gothic, Oyez Review, Split Lip Magazine, Old Northwest Review, and Again I Wait For This To Pull Apart (FreezeRay Press, 2015), among others. You can find him online at marlinmjenkins.tumblr.com and @Marlin_Poet.