RT Smith to Judge Hemingway Flash Fiction Award

We are pleased to announe that RT Smith has volunteered to act as judge for the First Annual Hemingway Flash Fiction Award. R. T. Smith is Writer-in-residence at Washington and Lee University, where he edits Shenandoah. His most recent collection is Outlaw Style (Arkansas, 2007). He has twice received the Library of Virginia Poetry Book of the Year Award and is the recipient of fellowships from the NEA, the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the Alabama State Arts Council. Smith was raised in Georgia and North Carolina but taught in Alabama for nineteen years before moving to Virginia in 1995. His work has appeared inBest American PoetryBest American Short Stories, three editions of The Pushcart Prize and five volumes of New Stories from the South. In 2011 Stephen F. Austin University Press will publish his fourth collection of short stories, Sherburne.

Click here to learn more abut the Hemingway Flash FIction Award.

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