Results from the Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize

2017 Prize


“The Laundry Room Comes First” by Charmaine Wilkerson



“Poison Apple, Gently Used” by Sydney Crago

“Umbilical” by Shea Stripling

“Roost” by Shelley Hucks

“Butter” by Joe Watson

“The Gathering Before the Storm” by Mary Fifield


2016 Prize



“The Night Packet” by Joan Johnson



“Guilt and Matter” by Daniel Sutter

“When the Boys Went” by Heidi Espenscheid Nibbelink

“Others” by Caleb Murray

“The Blue Maverick Crew” by John Meyers

“Gilson’s Ex” by Douglas Campbell

“Gail” by Bobby MacPherson


2015 Prize


The Second Most Important Explosion of 1986 by Matthew K. Thibeault



A Guide to Dating Mexican Guys by Esmeralda “Trudy” Valenzuela, Age 17 by Gregg Howard

Dead Man Dressing by Robert Grindy

Branding Day by Nicola Cassidy

Architecture by Harry Bauld

Dig a Sheet-Rag a Hole by Sam Nelson

The Last Story I Cared About by Joseph Johnson


2014 Prize

“Snowbirds” by Michael Caleb Tasker
(“Snowbirds” will appear on the site in the upcoming weeks, and Michael will receive $200.)

“Tat” by Erik Lewis
“Death Calls a Truce” by Gary Thomson
“The Funny Thing About a Cambodian Prison” by Todd Covalcine
(All three stories will appear on the site in the upcoming weeks.)


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