The editors of Fiction Southeast are interested in short fiction (approximately 1500 words or less). Though we hope for creative and innovative writing, we don’t prefer one particular style or genre of writing. The only criterion we look for is quality. Simultaneous submissions ARE welcome. Individual shorts should be approximately 1500 words or less. Submissions should be in .rtf, .doc, or .pdf format. Feel free to submit multiple stories, but please DO NOT submit multiple Word documents as one submission or one text document containing multiple stories. Instead, please submit each story as a SEPARATE submission (so that you complete an individual submission process for each story). We are also interested in interviews with authors of short fiction, articles concerning fiction craft, as well as reviews of short story collections (preferably, but not limited to, collections of flash or micro shorts). Authors retain all rights and copyright to their works. Fiction Southeast requests one-time, exclusive rights to publish your work. Like many journals, Fiction Southeast maintains a mailing list to ensure that readers and contributors are notified when new issues are published. To join our mailing list, click here.