“Dream Job”

I get a job as an egg warmer at the local police station (no other jobs are available). I sit on abandoned eggs using blankets and a heating pad. When I lift the blankets to check the eggs, a large brown dog bounds over and crunches one between its teeth. I’m upset, but my boss tells me this is normal. He picks up the broken shell and peels it back—inside is a tiny, perfectly formed poodle wearing a 3-piece suit. The large dog comes back and grabs another egg, and I wrestle the egg back, breaking the shell anyway. This one holds something translucent and pink. I feel sick and turn away, guarding the last four eggs by lying on my belly, encircling them with my arms.



Katie Manning

About Katie Manning

Katie Manning is Editor-in-Chief of Rougarou and a doctoral fellow in English at UL-Lafayette. Her writing has been published in New Letters, PANK, Poet Lore, So to Speak, and Word Riot, among other journals and anthologies. She is the 2011 winner of The Nassau Review’s Author Award for Poetry.

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