He sees the world through the maw of his T-Rex costume like Plato inside his cave used sometimes to peek outside. Fangs standing for stalactites and stalagmites frame his view. It is actually the US 31 he sees. Only his forearms jut out of the costume’s body because Tyrannosaurus had such short hands. It is a thick fabric so the outfit is OK from October to early April. There are stages when living in a costume, like there are stages to living with grief. He’s not sure which step he’s at right now. The shorter arms still allow for simple functions to be performed, such as holding balloons, or waving little flags. The tail makes it hard to sit, but when you do and take off the headpiece and have a smoke people take you seriously because you’re a worker with hair sweat-pasted to the forehead. You’ve got the aura of a Detroit saint in a car assembly line. You’re all right. You put the headpiece back on and pace up and down the highway again and wish so many things, and then you gradually learn to wish better. You wish leaner, wiser, you wish almost mundane.

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“There is Always So Much”

What we did that summer: we hung around torn-down barns and took photos of each other with that old camera and
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“Post-Apocalypse Postcard from an Appalachian Chalet”

I’ve got my head next to a granite-strewn stream that gurgles amid sunbeams as if the whole world never went wrong. A
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 Recently, I received the following question from a writer:
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When accidents happen, there’s a hesitation before the impact, like a syncopation in music. The heart hesitates, the
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Francis Ford Coppola says the earliest filmmakers were magicians. Today, the abracadabra that began the
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Lately there are brilliant
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The sound of the screen door slapping shut told me Dennis was home early and something terrible must have happened. 
2012-09-20 01:24:58


“Anger Management”

My sister’s eight-year-old Alfie is incontinent. She says it’s normal for kids like him who have disappearing dad
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I. They stand side by side facing a row of dining room cabinets. Audrey examines each one carefully, looking
2019-08-21 09:36:14



Alan asked me to meet him halfway between Brussels and Paris, at a restaurant around the
2019-08-09 23:36:34


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Daniel was born in Spain. He studied French Literature and then Economics. He has lived in such places as Bosnia, Indonesia, Bolivia and Lesotho. He now lives in Botswana with his wife and two children, and two cats. Daniel's work has been recently featured or is forthcoming in Puerto del Sol, Euphony and Duende.