be•lief noun. 1. how to trust: a. my beliefs don’t include hell, but you tell me on your futon, in front of friends that your belief is that I am going. I don’t say, “see you there,” but–later–when you bust me for a fifth of Bailey’s, I say, “I believe you are the worst RA ever.” b. when you tell me you’re not seeing anybody else but I cannot believe you, because my friends believe that they saw you at Froggy’s with that other blonde and I regret that I believe them over a dude who took me home from Parrot’s and convinced me to stay. 2. a conviction: see re•lig•ion, see ad•am•ant, see my neighbor on the hill who believes the devil and god are fighting over his body. 3. not fact: see hu•man•na•ture, see doubt. (for believe, see word•used•too•much•by•cheesy•pop•songs•and•women•who•craft)

Becca Hawk

About Becca Hawk

Becca Hawk is a writer and illustrator based out of Michigan and Arkansas (yes, both). Her work can most recently be found in Cahoodaloodaling, Juked (web), and Festival Writer. More at beccahawk.com.