Ziaul Moid Khan, a native of a green countryside named Johri in North India, writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry with equal love and ease. His essay ‘The Love for Writing’ is up-coming in Fiction Southeast (Dec. 2019). His writing has recently featured in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (Feb. 2019), The Coachella Review- Blog (Feb. 2019), KAIROS Literary Magazine (Dec. 2018), and Blue Lake Review (Nov. 2018). He teaches English at Gudha International School, Junjhunu, Rajasthan. Zia edits his school magazine 'Sunshine'. He likes to spending his spare time with his beautiful receptionist-wife, Khushboo Khan, and cute two-year-old son, Brahamand. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zia.m.khan.9. His mammoth poetry work ‘Roots of Poetry: The Free Hand Sonnets’ (A volume of 289 Sonnets plus 52 Other Poems) is waiting for its publication. With this work, Mr. Khan has surpassed William Shakespeare's record of 154 sonnets. His repertoire includes an English epic ‘Vani: My Mistress’, for which, he’s looking for a publisher.


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