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  • Karen Schauber

    Karen Schauber is a seasoned Family Therapist practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her earlier writing is non-fiction and details three decades of psychosocial and analytical cases. Flash Fiction is a new and welcome adventure for her. As an emerging artist, Karen hones her craft at home and at the dog beach on the Pacific coast (when it’s not pouring out). Karen’s flash fiction can be read at Rebel Shorts, SpillWords, AdHoc Fiction, Down in the Dirt, Blood Puddles: An Anthology, CafeLit, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, Yellow Mama, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Wilderness House Literary Review, Postcard Shorts, CarpeArte, Stereo Stories, Commuter Lit, Ekphrastic Review, Flash Boulevard, and forthcoming at Ariel Chart, Fear of Monkeys, Ex-Ex-Lit, Poems for the Writing: A Textbook, and Bending Genres. The upcoming Group of Seven Flash Fiction Anthology celebrating the Canadian Modernist Landscape Painters is her first editorial flash venture - http://GroupofSevenFlashFiction.weebly.com. In her obsession with Flash Fiction, Karen also runs http://VancouverFlashFiction.weebly.com She can be reached directly at http://karenschauber.weebly.com


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