Bjorn Svendsen

  • Bjorn Svendsen

    Bjorn to be a writer, Bjorn Svendsen has been inspired by the art of storytelling since elementary school. He attended his first writer’s conference at age ten and fully embraced his literary calling in 2013. He hails from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, but now lives in California. He sunburns easily, but his vampiric writing habits make it easy for him to avoid the light. Bjorn completed his first novel at age seventeen, growing out his hair during the entire drafting process like a superstitious athlete. He is currently at work on a speculative science fiction story, a horror novel, and numerous short stories. He draws inspiration from his travels in Europe and Asia. His thematic interests are justice, ethics, identity, and the darkness within. He has an MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts.


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