In the shopping cart, she found a grocery list. The handwriting was pleasant. A bit slanted. Curvy. Flowers. She never bought fresh flowers. Why not? She’d buy some. She’d use the list. What better way to reinvent, to become someone new? So new, perhaps, that she’d forget about the emails and phone calls. Licorice. Basmati rice. Eggplant. Applesauce. Red wine. Olives. She didn’t like olives. But today she’d eat olives and drink wine and stare at her flowers blooming. She’d play Coltrane on the stereo and wait for the rice to cook and she wouldn’t let the pot scorch black. She walked the aisles and filled her cart and wondered if anyone would recognize her. She wasn’t herself. Green tea. Salsa. Steel cut oats. Provolone. He had a four-year-old daughter. A wife. She didn’t know that at first. The daughter liked Cheerios. “That’s not very original, is it?” she said when he told her. She meant the whole situation.


About Shellie Zacharia

Shellie Zacharia is the author of the flash chapbook Not Everything Lovely and Strange Is a Dream (Monkey Puzzle Press). Her stories have appeared in many journals, including Washington Square, The Pinch, Saw Palm, Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, and Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. She lives in Gainesville, Florida.

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