1st Annual Hell’s Belles Short Fiction Prize

Because women are fairly under-represented in literary journals, especially southern women, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire contest to literary ladies everywhere. Fiction Southeast is proud to announce the annual Hell’s Belles Short Fiction Prize. Each year, a participating female judge will select a winner (and five runners-up).

Contest Guidelines:

Entries for the Hell’s Belles Short Fiction Prize should be approximately 1500 words or less. Submissions should be unpublished and in .rtf, .doc, or .pdf format. Authors do NOT have to be residents of a southern state. Feel free to submit multiple stories, but please DO NOT submit multiple Word documents as one submission or one text document containing multiple stories. Instead, please submit each story as a SEPARATE entry (so that you complete an individual submission process for each story). Simultaneous submissions ARE welcome. Contest will open annually in April with a deadline of October 1st. Entry fee is $10. All entries will be considered for publication in Fiction Southeast. Click here to submit your entry.

  • Winner – $100 and publication in Fiction Southeast
  • Finalists – publication in Fiction Southeast
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