Wednesday 3 September 2014
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“The Fairlane”

The air smells of meat and river water in the alley between the Moose and old Ford showroom on Main Street. The building’s big windows...

Flash Talk


“Flash Fiction: Bounded in a Nutshell”

That effective fictional narratives have for ages arrived in assorted sizes –  including those small enough to whisper,...

Author Interview Series


Author Interview Series: Therese Walsh

Therese Walsh's debut novel, The Last Will of Moira Leahy, was published by Shaye Areheart Books (Random House). It was named one...

Ask a Editor Series

Ask an Editor Series: Grant Faulkner/Lynn Mundell

Grant Faulkner & Lynn Mundell are co-editors @ 100 Word Story. For the first installment of our Ask an Editor Series, we asked Lynn...

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Fiction Craft

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“The End”

… You don’t miraculously arrive at the ending. You have to have a sense of drama. And you discover the ending in the writing, or...

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Editors’ Picks

Severance by Robert Olen Butler Now available in an elegant paperback, Robert Olen Butler's acclaimed collection, Severance, depicts...

Novel Flash

Novel Flash: The Blood of Heaven

When I came again into the bedroom, I found Red Kate sitting up with her lamp lit and belly piling the sheets.  I worried you were...

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